Shadrak Guichard-Foster

3D Character Animator


​Welcome! I'm an animator who recently graduated from Teesside University studying (BA) Computer Character Animation with a placement year.

I've been in love with animation for a long time now and realised that I wanted to push myself to get my shot in the industry. What started as a hobby turned into a driving force in my career ambitions, I love the idea of bringing characters to life, being given a rig and being able to take it anywhere and do anything with it is incredible to me. As a result, I managed to secure a year long placement with Cubic Motion before returning for my final year.

I studied games development during my college years and from there, felt as though I had more of a drive to focus on the animation side of things but not solely limit myself to games and so I applied to Study Computer Character Animation. 

Once starting University I really began to push myself in the 3D world, I'd only just started but wanted to ensure I could progress in the best way possible and still have a lot more to learn.

To see a video of my current 3D Animation work, please see my Showreel Here